Magimix Deep Fat Fryer Review - 2020 - 2021

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Updated On March 27, 2021

Magimix 11606 Pro 500 4.0 Litre Deep Fryer

Magimix Deep Fat Fryer Review - 2015 - 2016The Magimix 11606 Pro 500 4.0 Litre Deep Fryer might not have a name that is easy to remember (VIEW PRICE HERE!), but you’ll definitely remember it after you’ve purchased their deep fryer – it’s very popular in kitchens currently and has a lot of features their competitors don’t. One of the best features this fryer provides is the 3 loop heating system, it is submerged in the oil which not only provides a quicker rise in temperature, but it’s also more accurate than a lot of other deep fat fryers.

This Magimix fryer was released in early 2009 and it’s not surprising to still see it available for purchase 7 years later because there isn’t a lot it can’t do even when compared with some of the latest fryers available on the market. Thousands of people have purchased it because of all the features it provides and its ease of use, you simply turn it on, adjust the temperature and away you go.

The size of this fryer is perfect for larger families as it can hold up to 4 Litres of oil, which in turn can cook up to 1.5kg of food in one single fry, so cooking for 6 people in a matter of minutes is easily possible with this fryer. Here are a few of the other features and why this fryer may suit your needs:

  • 3 loop heating system – Even though this product was released in 2009 it still possesses better technology than some of the other fryers out there thanks to its 3 loop heating system. This system is used so a specific and more accurate temperature can be given to fry the foods.
  • Adjustable temperature control – With thanks to the 3 loop heating system, the temperature can be adjusted specifically for what food needs to be cooked so you’ll know a more accurate time of when the food will be golden and crispy. With the use of a simple knob the temperature can be changed from low to high with ease.

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  • 0 Litre spacious design – This fryer can hold up to 4 Litres of oil so you don’t have to mess around with refilling it all the time, up to 1.5kg of food can be added to this oil which is more than enough to feed 6 people – perfect for large families that seek quick cooking food.
  • Cool zone – At the bottom of this fryer below the 3 loop heating element lays a “cool zone”. This “cool zone” is specifically used for when food falls below the heating element, the cool zone doesn’t allow it to heat past 65 degrees which will diminish any burning smells and prolongs the oil life.
  • Modern look – This fryer is blessed with an all-round stainless steel look which is another reason to purchase this for your kitchen.
  • Mesh basket with retractable handle – This fryer includes a nice mesh basket which will keep all the food within it and it also comes with a retractable handle so you’ll be able to move all cooked food with ease. It’s also great for holding above the oil so the oil drains and you get better tasting chips.

The Magimix 11606 Pro 500 4.0 Litre Deep Fryer is perfect for those wanting to cook a big bowl of chips, or a few battered sausages – it’s perfect for almost any food that can be fried and that sits comfortably within the basket. It’s very popular among bigger families because of the huge 1.5kg of food it can cook at the same time – so it’s even better for those that often have friends come round for tea. With regards to the price, it’s a bit more expensive than other standard fryers but it is worth spending the extra bit of money on because you know you’re going to get a reliable fryer that is going to last a while.  It is a big competitor and should definitely be considered to be one of the most popular fryers available, thousands of people still purchase this 7 years after it was manufactured which just goes to show how popular this Magimix fryer is.


Features: 3 loop heating system – Variable temperature control – Cool Zone

Pricing: High-Range

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